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By Alpha

(Photo: Blessed Revelations booth at Ride2Thrive, 9 June 2018)

When you look around your community, how often do you think “I wish I could do something about X?”

X can be anything from homelessness, drug addiction, school bullying, animal rights, and even littering. Chances are good that you were not the only person who wants to see change. And in fact, there may be an organization locally who is trying to service that need, but you have no idea about…yet.

I am originally from the greater Nashville area, where my mother still lives. Over the last year I have become more aware of the struggles that small nonprofit space as they try to generate funds for their outreach. The specific organization my mother and I have been involved with is blessed revelations of Antioch Tennessee. Their goal is to prevent generational homelessness by working with single mothers and their children.

Everything is run by volunteers that are forced to divide her time between family, work and the organization. While it is certainly commendable, this also means they struggle with the marketing aspect of their non-profit. And as one might suspect, this greatly reduces what they might earn from fundraising. Their lack of marketing also creates another problem: finding volunteers with an array of skills. Some of the skills may be, but are not limited to, social networking, web design, and photographers. Instead, such organizations have to hope volunteers that are willing to donate their talents find them, or connected to a current volunteer that is on afraid to ask.

Blessed Revelations, as so many other organizations, has an AmazonSmile account- but it hardly helps if people are unaware of them and do not know that while they shop for Christmas gifts they could be contributing to an amazing project. And they aren’t the only nonprofit that has this struggle, there are countless across the United States.

Which brings me to a political point: In a country where we focus so much on what the federal government can do to resolve our problems, I think we forget that we can do more at home for the causes we are passionate about. So as this Christmas season gets into full swing, I challenge each of you to search for a local nonprofit which caters to your cause and find a way that you can contribute. And if you cannot find one may I suggest Blessed Revelations of Antioch, TN?

Some Helpful Tips:

  • When you find a nonprofit you like, see if they are with AmazonSmile. While you’re Christmas shopping, try to find your gift with a marking that states it is AmazonSmile eligible. Trust me, there is a lot to choose from.
  • If you have leftover money from your Black Friday and Cyber Monday budget, consider donating it to your nonprofit on Giving Tuesday.
  • Maybe you’re a small business manager of a restaurant or shop? Consider reaching out, instead of waiting on them, to a local non-profit this holiday season.
  • Finally, perhaps you do not have a lot of money, but you do have s skill you can donate. Contact the nonprofit of your choice, and ask if they could use your help.

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