Knights of Awakening Radio Program: Michael Jaco “The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons From a Navy SEAL on Unleashing Your Hidden Potential”


By Justin Gates

Knights of Awakening Interview Show with Michael Jaco, Navy Seal and Author

In his book, “The Intuitive Warrior: Lessons From a Navy SEAL on Unleashing Your Hidden Potential”, author and retired Navy SEAL Michael Jaco describes how he channeled the challenges he faced in military training and combat toward aligning his body and mind. With the two working in unison, Jaco remained calm and positive in extremely stressful situations. When he retired, Jaco then used these techniques as a civilian to enrich his everyday life. “By fine-tuning my intuition as a Navy SEAL, I was able to predict and avoid attacks to protect myself and my fellow soldiers,” says Jaco, who now works as an independent security contractor. “When I returned home, I applied this ability to all aspects of my life and realized the benefits I was experiencing could be enjoyed by anyone.” “As a warrior I have seen my own truth and awareness expand to the point where I realize that we as humanity are advancing to the point where we will be transitioning out of war and fear, as we have known it for many thousands of years. We have been part of a pattern of darkness and now we are moving into a point in the galaxy where we will be transiting in a higher vibration of light. Everything is vibration I recount in The Intuitive Warrior and we are coming into an era of higher vibration that is lifting us out of older dark patterns of dense vibration. This dense slower vibration was necessary for us to understand and work within this energy. Now as we are moving into a higher vibratory area of the universe our planet and everything on it is beginning to ascend to this higher vibration.”


Awaken the Knight Within!

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