Knights of Awakening Radio Program: “The Path: Afterlife Life after Death”

By Justin Gates

Knights of Awakening Interview Show with Filmmakers from the movie “The Path: Afterlife

Combining over 25 years of film making and life experience, Michael Habernig and April Hannah, blend the mediums of film, psychotherapy, intuition and visual effects to address the questions that most people ask Why am I here? What will happen when I die? Is there an afterlife? Director Michael Habernig is the owner of Habernig Productions and director of The Path. Deaths in his family sprung him into deep study and investigation to find out answers as to what happens after we die. Producer April Hannah grew up in a home with family members who had natural psychic abilities and hearing these stories as a child were second nature. She began having her own psychic experiences as a child which later ceased and then re-emerged again in her early twenties. She met with different mediums and healers who later became her mentors and taught her what she knows, practices and studies today.


Awaken the Knight Within!

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