Beware the Pied Piper

Social Media is a remarkable thing! Growing up in a time where cellphones did not even exist (I did not see my first one until I was about 19 years old), I never imagined that we would be able to share so much, so fast. People come together over anything and everything in a blink of an eye. People are empowered by so much information. Fast information with loose parameters. Fast and Loose information…. “Wait, don’t you share information on your pages and videos? Aren’t you talking about yourself?” I do create, teach and share information. I am honest about it. I have said more times than I ever care to count that you should not take ANYTHING I say as the gospel. You should always look deeper than is what on the surface, no matter WHO is providing the information to you. My job is, as it always has been, to create conversations and to provoke thought. I am not the end all, be all to everything. … Continue readingBeware the Pied Piper

What are you looking for?

A Priest, Preacher, Rabbi, Monk, Guru, Master can only show you a path. They can only point you in a direction. They can only provide you with Knowledge, and instruction on a particular subject of faith or belief. They can teach you how to pray, how to meditate, how to perform religious rites or rituals, they can empower you with stories and learning exercises. They can provide you with advice and counsel from their points of views. But none of them can take you to God, none of them can take you to Heaven, none of them can show you where to find paradise, or the Force. You have to take the Knowledge, and the tools and internalize them. … Continue readingWhat are you looking for?

Chaos & Disorder…Why They Are Essential To The Path Of Light.

How relative to the Ashla Philosophy, Practice & Path is the above topic? I’d say quite relative. Chaos, disorder and darkness are not simple notions that represent the opposite point of view, nor are the mere aspects that describe the alternative, they are crucial dynamics essential for balance and/or harmony.  Harmony, both as a state of mind and a condition of being for those of us who walk paths of light strive to attain, (overtime and mainly due to so much overlapping information, conflicting points of view and misunderstanding) often mistakenly associate harmony as a state of bliss and constant well being when harmony is nothing of the sort. The word harmony comes from the Greek and means “joint”. It is described as “a pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”. In other words, harmony is a state of mind and/or a condition of well being that can be achieved when one has reconciled two parts, or aspects of a whole to achieve a “pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts”. … Continue readingChaos & Disorder…Why They Are Essential To The Path Of Light.

Simple Binding Breaker

So every once in awhile I like to re-post a bit of magick that was useful to advise to someone in a more complete format. This one is a simple, but effective, connection and binding breaker. For this you will need one sturdy lock, the stronger the better, one solid chain, a sledge hammer, and room to do some damage (possibly something to set it on such as an anvil or solid surface). … Continue readingSimple Binding Breaker

Elements and Magick

The properties of the elements are always a good topic for discussion. The primary elements we know of in this day and age are from Greek Philosophy and encompass 4 primary elements and one “quintessential” element. While traditionally the concept was not used in magick we have adopted this system and it finds its way into many systems of modern mysticism. … Continue readingElements and Magick

Offerings and Sacrifice

One often talked about hot button topic is offerings and sacrifices. Most people don’t really fully understand what an offering is, lighting candles and incense with nothing else. While others see a sacrifice as requiring the taking of another life. While it is true that a physical component to offerings should exist, and that taking a life can be a sacrifice we must understand these principals deeper to truly understand mystical workings. … Continue readingOfferings and Sacrifice

The Left and Right Hand Paths

The left hand path is not just demons, nor is the right hand path angels. Instead they are ideals. There are many, if not mostly, right hand path demonologists around. These are people who feel that demons are superior and give subservience to them. They serve, and do not see themselves as the prime power in this world. This is because the right hand path is all about connecting to the greater power, source, or current through the worship of forces, externalization, and recognition of power from without. It recognizes that all is one, but then in that grows through the external. … Continue readingThe Left and Right Hand Paths