To tolerate lesser things….

By Justin Gates

Axiom of Light #8
To tolerate lesser things is wise and kindly as this cultivates inner strength, calm and patience.

I generally do not view people as being “lesser” than myself, but there are ideals and philosophical mindsets that I do find that are not worth pursuing after careful consideration. It is usually those ideals and mindsets that people feel that they need to try and shove down my throat, those mindsets and ideals that cause people to find some sort of “Hidden agenda” in everything I say, do, or write. This agenda of course is some sort of hidden political agenda, where none exists.

“Turn the other cheek” or “Don’t feed the trolls” and that if I ignore them, they will go away is what many in my circle would say. This is where Ashla Axiom #8 comes to mind for me. It is not that I am tolerating a lesser person, because this person is full of passion and fire, I really do admire their spirit. But I am forcing myself to tolerate a lesser argument, a lesser ideology. An ideology where if you don’t agree, then you are wrong and are to be discredited, and sometimes compared to Nazi’s and the KKK. An ideology where speech is only allowed if it is an agreed upon set of ideals.

I believe in an ideology where everyone gets a say, if they are brave enough to say it. An ideology where speech is not censored, even when it is something I do not agree with (even though I am pretty sure that I would be censored if I was on a page that they were running and hosting). An ideology where no matter how many times you call me names and try and discredit me, I still give you basic respect and space to speak your mind. An ideology where the open exchange of ideals (no matter how ridiculous they may be) are shared openly with everyone who wants to read them. An ideology that believes that individuals should be given enough respect to make up their own minds.

For me, the spiritual path is one that we walk alone for much of it. Within it contains, self-discovery, self-reliance, self-discipline, self-admiration, self-respect, self-actualization, to name a few. Sure, there are junctions within the path where we meet and commune with others and share our experiences, but these are typically personal experiences. No two people will be impacted the same by a personal Awakening.

If you want to see where you are in your path, a very good trial for each of us, is to put yourself in a place where you are uncomfortable, where you are challenged, where you have to dig deep down and find out what you are made of. This of course only speaks to who we are from a philosophical standpoint. It is a good exercise to subject ourselves to, because we really get to find out which parts of us are worth keeping and fighting for or not.

I am grateful for the moments in my life that give validation but also the moments that give me grief and make me uncomfortable and push me to my limits. I am grateful for the people in my life who offers compassion, comfort, love, understanding, and the opportunity to show them my gratitude and love in return. I am grateful for the people who push me to my breaking point and force me to go beyond that. I am grateful that I am able to live my life in a way that no matter what happens to me, it is still always on my terms.

Axiom of Light #8
To tolerate lesser things is wise and kindly as this cultivates inner strength, calm and patience.

Put yourself in a position where you are uncomfortable, not in danger mind you, but in a place where you are tested. Entertain perspectives that are hard and uncomfortable to understand. When you do this, you will find that you understand yourself even more.

At the end of this, I lay down a challenge. A challenge to all of you out there. Find ways to challenge your beliefs, your ideals, your views, and your perspectives. In the end you will find one of two things happening; Either you will strengthen your currently held ideals and beliefs, or you will find new ones to add while getting rid of the ones that do not serve you any real purpose. That is if you are brave enough to do so. And to the haters, who are always looking for some kind of hidden agenda in my words, let me save you the time….my agenda is what it has always been, to encourage you to Awaken the Knight Within!

I love you all very much, and until next time………….Awaken the Knight within

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