Take out the Trash!

By Justin Gates

Build your inner temple with intended purpose. Erect each pillar carefully and build on a solid foundation. Your Philosophy must be one that can be practiced, your Practice must be done in a way that leads to Right action, and your Path must be one that is chosen by you.

Those of you who have been with us for a long time will know what I mean when I say “take out the trash”. Those who are newer to the KOA, let me quickly explain what I mean when I say this. Taking out the trash is when your philosophy, beliefs, and perspective no longer matches who you are and where you are at, at a particular point in your practice and path. This happens to anyone who is truthfully walking the path and is spending time in introspection along the way.

We would also say that taking out the trash is when you learn new things and keep what works and get rid of the rest. This also applies to people and social groups in your life who are damaging to your well being, constantly putting you down, detrimental and destructive to your health and taking you in a direction that is counter productive to where you want to get as well.

Be loyal to people who not only deserve to enjoy your loyalty, but who also gives it in return. Be loyal to those until they no longer deserve your loyalty. Be loyal to an Order or group who promotes and behaves in a manner that matches yours, inside and out. Be loyal to that Order or group until they lose their way and no longer emulate an image that you can be proud to be a part of. Be loyal to the ideals and beliefs that help you ‘hold the line’ in the face of adversity and unbeatable odds. Be loyal to those ideals until they no longer serve you, then be open and willing to find new ones that do.

We walk our paths alone, meeting others at the junctions for communion.

When changing the Self, others may abandon you. This is OK. When we shed and change who we are, sometimes that means changing those who are in our lives too. As we change and shed falsehoods, so too we change those people and titles In our lives. Take stock in your loyalties and relationships. Keep them only if they are beneficial to not only you, but also to them.

If a philosophy cannot be practiced, it is not worth the paper it is written on. If a perspective cannot be explained and shared, then it is in need of a re-evaluation. If people in your life are destructive and harmful to you and your path, then you should look for those who are going to support and hold you up. If your beliefs no longer serve you along the way, then perhaps you should consider growing past them. This is something that each of us must do for ourselves.

In other words…….Take out the Trash!

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