Very few are beyond redemption….ourselves included.

by Justin Gates

Axiom of Light 100

No one is beyond redemption.

Perhaps in the truest sense of the word. For most, forgiveness can set them and you free. For some, redemption is only to be had in the afterlife.

Axiom of Light 141

In your dealings with the corrupt do not cast them aside, awaken them with words, elevate them with deeds and repay injury with kindness. Do not cast them but their corruption aside.

We are all capable of falling and failing. Those very corruptions that we stand against could take hold in each of us if we are not vigilant. Lift your fellows up, do not keep them down. You never know when you may need help up yourself….

Can the corrupt and “evil” be redeemed? Can those labeled as criminals be reformed? This is a question that society has asked for as long as time has existed more than likely. I know it is a question that is asked even now. In the world we live in, punishments are handed out in vastly different ways. There does not seem to be consistency in how they are handed out, but instead, consistency is usually only found in what people around the world consider a “crime”. Some places are much harsher than others. In some places, people are put to death, or maimed for seemingly very minor infractions.

Corruption is something found in every corner of the earth as well. Greed, the hunger for power, looking to advance oneself or their agenda are all typical reasons why someone would become corrupt. Where do you typically find corruption? Public servants, politicians, business, and religion to name a few.

I would say that the Axioms that I introduced speak to both internal and external corruption. Today, I would like to focus on mainly the internal corruption that each of us are faced with from time to time while we walk this path. External corruption is the outcome of internal corruption. It is the part we can see once this poison has taken control of our thoughts and actions. They can be on a small scale or large, there are plenty of examples found within our human history and as well as today.

What causes internal corruption? For some, it is believed to be a bi-product of allowing negative emotions to control our temperament. Emotions such as; Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Hate, and others. For others it can be found in the “7 deadly sins”. And still others, internal corruption comes from ignoring or negating the virtues that make a strong and steadfast moral compass, also known as, the “knightly virtues”. One thing is for sure, most all traditions warn about the effects of these conditions and the peril they can lead a soul if left unchecked.

But one thing I have noticed in all the years of practice and teaching this path is that, on a very simple level, the biggest killer of those who are walking this and similar paths is that they lose patience with themselves. They get frustrated with themselves and lose the will to continue. They lose the will to put in the hard work. They lose the will to find courage when it is needed the most. They get so frustrated, that they lack the courage, will, and conviction, to seek the right path instead of the easy one. I can relate to this, as I am sure that most of you have faced this part of themselves as well.

It is easy to want to take the easy road, when faced with frustration, when progress in our studies and practices seem to elude us at times. I want to share a quote with you, that I have used more times than I can count when I was faced with those times where I was becoming my own worst enemy…

Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them, every day, begin the task anew” -St Francis De Sales

A Knight has faith in what they hold to be true. Faith has a way of helping us all past those weaknesses that we may perceive in our selves. What ever the Knight may find themselves believing, they believe it strongly because that is what keeps them going in the face of unbeatable odds. The path is long and the road is hard. Following your path is not a timed exercise. You will achieve hallmarks and find many “Awakenings” along the way. These are merely “road markers”, dots on your map. Do not concern yourself with how much time this journey will take you. Be faithful to the Quest. Be faithful to the path. Be faithful to yourself. You will know when you have arrived.

Very few in this world are undeserving of a chance at redemption. Luckily for us, we don’t have to decide who is and who isn’t. Serve all with Compassion, Humility, and Mercy in mind. Do this, and they will be the judge themselves. Lift each other up with encouragement and hold each other accountable to one another. Commune with your fellows and you will be more enriched and empowered. Like wise, If you see a fellow fall flat, encourage them to rise up and be better than before, do not cast them out, instead cast their corruption aside.

Thank you for taking time to reading this.  I Love you all very much.  Until next time……

Awaken the Knight Within!

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