Beware the Pied Piper

Justin and Charles discuss how the Pied Piper still leads us to our peril even today.

By Justin Gates

You wake up and go get a cup of coffee or tea or whatever. You sit down with the paper, or your phone or tablet, in front of your computer, where ever it is that you get your information from. You are calm, sipping on your drink, and then it hits like a 10 megaton bomb………

“SOMEONE DISAGREED WITH ME ON THE INTERNET!!!!!” Oh, that’s not how it goes? Forgive me. OK, let me try it this way….

“SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING THAT I DISAGREE WITH!!!!!” still not right? Darn it, let me try one more time……


Beware of the Pied Piper my friends. It’s song is enchanting and inviting. It fills the air with it’s intoxicating allure. It goes past the logical, thinking parts and goes right to the heart. You try and resist at first, but it is no use. It has taken control of your heart, and then your mind. It makes you break oaths and promises. It makes you go against your better nature. It causes you to forsake beloved friends and family. It turns the things you Love into the things that you now Hate.

Social Media is a remarkable thing! Growing up in a time where cellphones did not even exist (I did not see my first one until I was about 19 years old), I never imagined that we would be able to share so much, so fast. People come together over anything and everything in a blink of an eye. People are empowered by so much information. Fast information with loose parameters. Fast and Loose information…. “Wait, don’t you share information on your pages and videos? Aren’t you talking about yourself?” I do create, teach and share information. I am honest about it. I have said more times than I ever care to count that you should not take ANYTHING I say as the gospel. You should always look deeper than is what on the surface, no matter WHO is providing the information to you. My job is, as it always has been, to create conversations and to provoke thought. I am not the end all, be all to everything.

Axiom of Light #90 “Before you can break free of negative or improper influences, you must first recognize them.”

The greatest lie ever told, is the one we tell ourselves. You will do more harm to yourself than anyone else in the world ever could. Pay attention to what you tell yourself.

The music is playing and you begin to march forward. You do not know where you are going, but in this bliss, you do not care. All that matters in how you feel. All that matters is to be a part of something greater than yourself. You are not concerned with logic and thinking. You are not concerned on how others feel or think. All you know is that you are not going to let anyone stop you from enjoying the beautiful music that fills your senses, taking you to a far away land where only you and your feelings matter.

When I open my social media accounts these days, I see a lot of people, very smart and articulate people, spreading hate and discourse. Spreading lies, slander, and misinformation. People who swore oaths and made promises to uphold codes and mantras, are now encouraging violence in the name of some misguided sense of empowerment and new found purpose. All while still preaching those very codes and mantras, oaths and promises, from the side of their mouths.

No, this is not intended to be political. No, it is not intended for any particular generation of human beings. As we are made, we are bound to this creation. All of us. We all think and feel. We all have dreams and aspirations. We all have prejudices, in that, we all have things that we prefer and things we do not. There is something else we all have in common, we had no control over the conditions to which we were born of and into.

The Pied Piper continues to play it’s song, guiding you to an unknown destination. But you don’t care. Your feelings are more important that anyone and anything. Your new found sense of power and purpose, leading you to a better place, a better existence. Your rights and freedoms are all that matter now and you will see them had, even at the expense of another persons right to live in peace.

People seem to be giving away their power. Jumping at shadows and “boogeymen” that never even existed until someone else told you they did. You have the power to allow or reject influences from others. Only you have the power to influence your feelings and emotions. Only you can give that power away to someone else. Don’t trust others to control how you feel, trust yourself with this. If you allow others to dictate your feelings and emotions, you only have yourself to blame.

Who is this Piper? Who follows the Piper? I have a few ideas…..

They are the hypocrites who preach the loudest about love, compassion, mercy, acceptance, and peace. Yet who condones hate and destruction on innocent people by their words or actions. These very same hypocrites who they themselves are not accepting of others, unless they too follow the Piper.

They are the hypocrites who say “you are what you think you are”. Yet publicly deny others because of disagreements based on opinion and affiliation. A lack of emotional integrity and maturity can be found in these people.

They are the hypocrites who preach and teach a code of ethics, yet bully and disparage others because they can’t hear the Piper and follow it’s lead on the road to oblivion.

They are the hypocrites who by their very words and actions, defy the very thing they are “fighting” for.

I guess I can’t blame them, but I will not join them either. As I have said, the song that the Piper plays is intoxicating for those who choose to allow their emotions to guide their actions. I have chosen to not give away my power. I have chosen to employ my mind and to use reason and logic to guide my words, actions, and judgments. By the way, those who follow the Piper, should take care in knowing how that story ended.

I Love you all very much, and until next time…

Awaken the Knight within!

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