Elemental Meditation

As part of an assignment I was asked to share or write an elemental meditation. I will share it with you today.

Settle into a relaxed position.

If possible, this meditation should be done outdoors. Close the eyes, and bring your awareness to the places in the body where you experience contact, such as the feet on the floor, the hands in the lap, or the body sitting in the chair.

Begin with the element of earth or solid form.

Without thinking too hard about what this means, openly examine where and how you can feel solidity. This might be the structure of your skeleton, the chair you’re sitting on, any places of tension in the body, or the weight of your muscles as they relax. If it helps to use visualization, imagine rocks, mountains, or a handful of dirt. Don’t rush through these sensations or try to force them. Feel, smell, taste the earth in your mind’s eye.

When you are ready, switch to the element of air or wind.

Where can you feel the air of the breath? You may also look for places in the body where you can feel empty space—the nostrils, the mouth, and the ears can offer insight into the air element. Imagine a gust of wind sweeping over you. Breathe deeply filling all of the empty spaces in your body. Notice where you can feel the sensation of the wind, increase and decrease the sensitivity at your will.

Next, shift your awareness to the water element.

Tune in to any sense of liquidity you can feel. There may be moisture in the eyes, saliva in the mouth, or sweat on the body—or you can feel the flexibility of your muscles, the flow, and the pulsing of your blood. Next, Imagine the ocean waves, beautiful and powerful, or a powerful river flowing through the landscape. Perhaps you would prefer a gentle stream, flowing through the mountains leading to a small waterfall. Feel the water; notice what the water feels like, what temperature it takes as it covers your body. Enjoy this for as long as you like.

Next, bring your attention to heat or fire in the body.

This element is open to interpretation, so look for yourself to see what you notice. Perhaps it’s the temperature of the air touching your skin if you are outside the warmth of the sun or certain spots on the body that are warmer than others. Watch for any experience of temperature, either externally or internally, and see if you can affect these areas by controlling the sensation, make the spots hotter and colder at will. Use your mind to see a simple candle flame, reach out in your mind’s eye and feel the heat on your palm. In your mind see if you can make this flame grow taller and smaller, see if you can make the flame hotter and colder. To wrap up the practice, spend a few moments in awareness of the body as a whole. Play with the elements and note how they affect your body.

Share with me an elemental meditation you practice in the comments! Until Next time…

“Awaken the Knight WIthin!”

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