Knights of Awakening Mission Statement

By Justin Gates

Knights of Awakening Mission Statement

“We, the Knights of Awakening, serve our brothers and sisters in the world with Compassion, Truth, and Empathy. We practice daily our 11 Knightly Agreements which are;

Responsibility, Respect, Family, Grace, Courage, Faith, Hope, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, and Nobility. Today’s Knighthood has evolved and is more enlightened than its medieval counterpart.

There is the recognition that nobility is more a matter of the soul responding to its higher self, not blood. We carry and contain the spirit of Knighthood within us, which brings the obligation of service to humanity. The distinction of the modern-day Knight is those who seek self-betterment to make the world in which we walk and live better with each day.

The Knights of Awakening is a Universalistic organization. We respect that other Religions and Philosophies are practiced independently from our Order that shares common values and principles. We are open to anyone who pursues a path that serves the betterment of the self and others.”


Our mission statement is a bold statement of intent. It is what we set out to do every day as a Knight of Awakening. Through the practice of and our conduct through the eleven agreements, we better serve the world. We understand that “Knighthood” has changed. It comes in many different shapes and sizes for today’s world. Our focus is on the betterment and empowerment of the self, which then translates to the world outside. We believe that our Knighthood lies not in titles but our deeds and good works to our fellow people. Our Knighthood is evident in our actions and words, where we are an example for others to follow.

We are Secular in our approach because we believe that our Organizations foundational ideals are compatible with various members’ beliefs. Suppose you believe and practice something outside of our organization. In that case, you are welcome here as long as we seek the same results—the betterment of self and others, walk a path of right action and good deeds, and service to others.

Our mission statement helps keep us on the right path for what we wish to accomplish as a group. We can do small things that add up to great things if we stay focused and ready. With your help, we can achieve this.


Awaken the Knight Within!

2 thoughts on “Knights of Awakening Mission Statement

  1. Steven M. Forgette says:

    Brother Justin……This is very impressive. It shows what Knighthood is all about in the 21st Century. What is really should always have been about. Spread ‘The Seeds of Knighthood,’ my Friend. I hope & pray that it produces a ‘Bountiful Harvest.’

    1. knightsofawakening says:

      Thank you for your kind words brother. You and others helped provide direction for us and we will continue to do the same for those who come long after we are gone from this world. -Justin


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