Knights of Awakening Oath of Knighthood

By Justin Gates

Knights of Awakening – Oath of Knighthood

“So long as I draw breath in this life, I promise to serve this world Responsibly with Empathy, Compassion, and Grace.

 I have Faith that what I am doing is right and just.

 I bring Hope to every life that I touch through inspired and empowered involvement.

 When called to action, I will employ Courage in the face of adversity and always stand up for what is right, being patient to find peace and insight in my trials.

I will keep in mind that Justice can bring terrible consequences for all involved, that I also must employ Mercy when I can.

I will be Generous to my brothers, sisters, and strangers, for they are my Family.

I strive to always be Noble and Respectful in all of my interactions in the world.”


The Oath of Knighthood promises that we always do our best to embody our core principles and teachings. A promise to ourselves to always be mindful and to seek betterment every day as best we can, for our brothers and sisters that we always will stand by each other through thick and thin as a “Shield Family” should, and to the world in which we interact and do the good works that we will give our best effort to conduct ourselves with the utmost of honor, fairness, and respect.

No matter your rank or position, I encourage you to work and embody the ideals and teachings of the Knights of Awakening by transcending from mere understanding into a state of being.

I expect those who call themselves Knights of our Organization to interact in the world where this Oath becomes a walking reality wherever that Knight may be and shine as an example for others to emulate.

This Oath is a reflection upon all who call Knights of Awakening home. But even if you are not a member, you can still benefit from these Organizational documents to focus your intent and attention on fulfilling your journey.

Awaken the Knight Within!

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