Knights of Awakening Organizational Goals

By Justin Gates

Knights of Awakening Org. Goals:

Empowerment and Self-betterment for our members through study, training, and practice to empower their lives and, by extension, to those around them.

Service and Charity. To set up teams across the globe to assist in the communities where our members live in whatever fashion we can.

By providing Support, Leadership, and Guidance, our members can better empower the larger world by working with others in their areas to inspire good works. To combat violence and hatred through good works and empower members to be walking examples of the prowess, values, and virtues that a Knight of Awakening possesses.

Our organizational goals are designed to meet the pressing needs that are needed in our world and focus on how we accomplish this. First and foremost, even in the early years of the Knights of Awakening, when we were simply a media group, our mission was to empower people. To help guide them to find the best version of who they could be. This remains our number one goal. In this, our plan didn’t change, only in how we are going about it. By creating a place where people can learn and share, we are all growing and learning from each other every step of the way.

Service and Charity is something a Knight should be doing. As we discussed earlier, one way we define a Knight is someone who serves others. Our long-term goal is to raise money and resources and then create actual teams of Knights that can make real and lasting changes in their communities, working together and with others. In building a solid foundation, we look to the future where those who follow us can find support and guidance within the Knights of Awakening. Our legacy should be passing on these ideals to those who need them long after we are gone.

Focusing on empowering individuals who seek what we offer them, as long as they put forth an honest effort, will, in the long run, build a prowess and strong character within that person that can withstand any storm that comes their way.

Together, we can begin to cure the ills and wrongs in the world by building and empowering people of conscience. One person can change the world for the people they encounter if they are a walking example of what can be good in the world.

Awaken the Knight Within!

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