Knights of Awakening Podcast: Ep3 Parts 1 &2 “Our Founding Documents”


By Justin Gates

We are the Knights of Awakening!

Charles and I explore and explain the KOA founding documents. In part 1, we have a conversation around the KOA Mission Statement. In part 2, we have a conversation around our Organizational Goals and the Oath of Knighthood.


Knights of Awakening Mission Statement

“We, the Knights of Awakening, serve our brothers and sisters in the world with Compassion, Truth, and Empathy. We practice daily our 11 Knightly Agreements which are;

Responsibility, Respect, Family, Grace, Courage, Faith, Hope, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, and Nobility. Today’s Knighthood has evolved and is more enlightened than its medieval counterpart.

There is the recognition that nobility is more a matter of the soul responding to its higher self, not blood. We carry and contain the spirit of Knighthood within us, which brings the obligation of service to humanity. The distinction of the modern-day Knight is those who seek self-betterment to make the world in which we walk and live better with each day.

The Knights of Awakening is a Universalistic organization. We respect that other Religions and Philosophies are practiced independently from our Order that shares common values and principles. We are open to anyone who pursues a path that serves the betterment of the self and others.”


Knights of Awakening Org. Goals:

Empowerment and Self-betterment for our members through study, training, and practice to empower their lives and, by extension, to those around them.

Service and Charity. To set up teams across the globe to assist in the communities where our members live in whatever fashion we can.

By providing Support, Leadership, and Guidance, our members can better empower the larger world by working with others in their areas to inspire good works. To combat violence and hatred through good works and empower members to be walking examples of the prowess, values, and virtues that a Knight of Awakening possesses.


Knights of Awakening – Oath of Knighthood

“So long as I draw breath in this life, I promise to serve this world Responsibly with Empathy, Compassion, and Grace.

I have Faith that what I am doing is right and just.

I bring Hope to every life that I touch through inspired and empowered involvement.

When called to action, I will employ Courage in the face of adversity and always stand up for what is right, being patient to find peace and insight in my trials.

I will keep in mind that Justice can bring terrible consequences for all involved, that I also must employ Mercy when I can.

I will be Generous to my brothers, sisters, and strangers, for they are my Family.

I strive to always be Noble and Respectful in all of my interactions in the world.”


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2 thoughts on “Knights of Awakening Podcast: Ep3 Parts 1 &2 “Our Founding Documents”

  1. Steven M. forgette says:

    Brother Justin & Charles…….After prayer & meditation, I have taken ‘The Knights of Awakening Oath of Knighthood.’ Am I a ‘Knight of The Awakening?’

    1. knightsofawakening says:

      Thank you for your comment. Stay tuned, because I will talk more about this on the podcast, but I will say this; A Knight of Awakening is a state of Being, it is a verb, a call to action where you make a conscious effort to not only confront the ills of the world, but the ills inside as well. A commitment to being better each and every day. I have known you for quite some time now and I would say that you exemplify many of the important traits of an Awakened Knight, so yes brother Steven, I would say that you are a good example of the kind of person a Knight of Awakening would try and be. -Justin


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