Our History

Welcome to the Knights Of Awakening! We do our best to offer an atmosphere centered around the real-world application of spirituality and the many mysteries of the Heroes journey each and every one of us face every day. We offer real-world/Spiritual advice and coaching along the way as well. It is our goal to help wake up those who are ready… The Knights Of Awakening is a group dedicated to the betterment of our fellow beings.

The Knights of Awakening (KOA) was founded in May of 2009 by David Edge and me, both Jedi community members and Masters of the Jedi Order of Ashla Knights. After the fall of Ashla Knights, which was caused by a destructive hacking at the hands of unknown person(s) for a second time, David and I decided to expand out and away from the Order of Ashla Knights while a second rebuilding process took place there. Groups were slowly moving away from the days of the old forum boards or being shut down altogether, but only a few people ventured out into a multi-media approach to teaching and interaction in those days.  Rather than taking Ashla Knights in this direction, we decided to build a new group dedicated to the real-world application of topics related to Mind/Body/Spirit through on-air conversations, written lectures, videos, and more. 

We debuted first at BlogTalk Radio (BTR) on 06/12/2009 with the “Knights of Awakening” radio show. Other radio shows were added over the next few years including: “Dissonance: The Dark Aspect” hosted by Khaos, “Ashla Knights Radio” hosted by Derek Thompson, and “The Labyrinth” hosted by Charles McBride. The Knights of Awakening show primarily focused on interviews with people who could help us expand the minds of our audience and to give a perspective that we were not qualified to give. We shared personal experiences in a way that brought the ideas that seemed “far out there” to a more practical and down-to-earth way. We sought out, exposed, and called out those who preyed on the weak and gullible. All the while, championing and sharing the good works and deeds of those who were making this world a much better place to be in! In those days, we weren’t really working on becoming anything more than just a media-type outlet and were happy with providing content that helped people think deeply and to work towards improving both our lives and theirs.

Unhappy with BTR ownership policies, the KOA then moved to a private hosting platform in early 2012 that lasted until late 2014. Thanks to the hard work and efforts of Charles McBride and David Edge. The amount of trial and error, the amount of coding and configurations that were needed to make it work was mind-blowing! Not to mention, these two had an even more daunting task…..teaching me how to make it work without them holding my hand. The KOA added more shows during this time. These shows were: “Force Realists Radio” hosted by Alethea “Ally” Thompson, “The Circle” hosted by Michael Hannigan, “Shaterpoints: Points of Contact” hosted by Jordan Bates, and a few other smaller series hosted by multiple existing hosts. 

By late 2014, the KOA was left with 4 remaining hosts and content creators (myself, Charles, Derek, and Ally) to try and pick up the ball and move forward, as the other hosts had moved on to other things for one reason or the other. We slowed down in 2014, with some of us (myself mostly) began to experience burnout after roughly 6 years of nonstop content creation. I was without my Co-host and friend, and Charles and Ally did most of the administration and posting of content. I am lucky to have had them do this for me; they really helped keep us afloat for a period of time until around February of 2016.

I suffered a really bad accident at work, which left me unable to do much of anything. I could only really sit in contemplation at this point, so that is what I did. During this time, I began to become reinvigorated and a fire was lit back up in me. I knew what I had to do; I had to get the KOA back up and running at full strength again! Of course, it was thanks to Charles and Ally (once again) to help me successfully re-launch the KOA, where we focused mainly on our YouTube channel, a few blogs, and some live shows. We said goodbye to “Force Realists” at the beginning of 2018 as host Ally wanted to focus her efforts in this area elsewhere. Ally is still with us hosting and creating content for the “Jedi Journal” and “Wandering Sinai” series.

The Now

We are here now!  You and I! You and I are beginning a new chapter in our history and that starts with you!  What do you say we get started, shall we? Very much in line with our values and foundation, we seek to not only reinvigorate our passion for what we do, but in the spirit of growing and becoming more than we were, we seek to open a new chapter on who we are and what we do. It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and wait for others to do this for us, that time has come and gone.

To begin this journey, I offer you a solid foundation on which to build your character. I offer you ideas and strategies to incorporate into your life. All I ask in return is a dedicated heart, a disciplined and honest approach to the material, and an open mind. If you give me your best, then I promise to do my best to help you…

“Awaken the Knight Within!”

​Justin Gates

Founder, Knights of Awakening

Knights of Awakening Mission Statement

“We, the Knights of Awakening, serve our brothers and sisters in the world with Compassion, Truth, and Empathy. We practice daily our 11 Knightly Agreements which are; Responsibility, Respect, Family, Grace, Courage, Faith, Hope, Justice, Mercy, Generosity, and Nobility.

Today’s Knighthood has evolved and is more enlightened than its medieval counterpart. There is the recognition that nobility is more a matter of the soul responding to its higher self, not blood. We carry and contain the spirit of Knighthood within us, which brings the obligation of service to humanity. The distinction of the modern-day Knight is those who seek self-betterment to make the world in which we walk and live better with each day.

The Knights of Awakening is a Universalistic organization. We respect that other Religions and Philosophies are practiced independently from our Order that shares common values and principles. We are open to anyone who pursues a path that serves the betterment of the self and others.”

Knights of Awakening Org. Goals

Empowerment and Self-betterment for our members through study, training, and practice to empower their lives and by extension to those around them.

Service and Charity. To set up teams across the globe to assist in the communities where our members live in whatever fashion we can.

By providing Support, Leadership, and Guidance to our members, our members are better able to empower a larger world by working with others in their areas to inspire good works within those areas. To combat violence and hatred through good works and by empowering members to be a walking example of the prowess, values, and virtues that a Knight of Awakening possesses.

Knights of Awakening – Oath of Knighthood

“So long as I draw breath in this life I promise, I will serve this world Responsibly with Empathy, Compassion, and Grace.

 I have Faith that what I am doing is right and just.

 I bring Hope to every life that I touch through inspired and empowered involvement.

When called to action, I will employ Courage in the face of adversity and always stand up for what is right, being patient to find peace and insight in my trials.

I will keep in mind that Justice can bring terrible consequences for me and my opponent, that I also must employ Mercy when I can.

I will be Generous to my brothers, sisters, and strangers, for they are my Family.

I strive to always be Noble and Respectful in all of my interactions in the world.”

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