Simple Binding Breaker

So every once in awhile I like to re-post a bit of magick that was useful to advise to someone in a more complete format. This one is a simple, but effective, connection and binding breaker. For this you will need one sturdy lock, the stronger the better, one solid chain, a sledge hammer, and room to do some damage (possibly something to set it on such as an anvil or solid surface). … Continue readingSimple Binding Breaker

Elements and Magick

The properties of the elements are always a good topic for discussion. The primary elements we know of in this day and age are from Greek Philosophy and encompass 4 primary elements and one “quintessential” element. While traditionally the concept was not used in magick we have adopted this system and it finds its way into many systems of modern mysticism. … Continue readingElements and Magick

Offerings and Sacrifice

One often talked about hot button topic is offerings and sacrifices. Most people don’t really fully understand what an offering is, lighting candles and incense with nothing else. While others see a sacrifice as requiring the taking of another life. While it is true that a physical component to offerings should exist, and that taking a life can be a sacrifice we must understand these principals deeper to truly understand mystical workings. … Continue readingOfferings and Sacrifice

The Left and Right Hand Paths

The left hand path is not just demons, nor is the right hand path angels. Instead they are ideals. There are many, if not mostly, right hand path demonologists around. These are people who feel that demons are superior and give subservience to them. They serve, and do not see themselves as the prime power in this world. This is because the right hand path is all about connecting to the greater power, source, or current through the worship of forces, externalization, and recognition of power from without. It recognizes that all is one, but then in that grows through the external. … Continue readingThe Left and Right Hand Paths

The Point of Contact

During recent work for a client and friend of mine I was asked to do Shamanic Journey on their behalf. To clear out negative influences, forces, and a particular negative entity they have been dealing with for years. This was to help with their third eye and I experienced great success in this. What is important in this story though is not the initial battle with the being, a demon incubus of no kindness, but what happened after. … Continue readingThe Point of Contact

Awareness Meditation

The most basic meditation you are ever going to do to feel energy is perhaps the most overlooked meditation. Often times when a student, beginner, novice, or even one who has studied for awhile asks about feeling energy they begin by making the great mistake of leading the mentor in the wrong direction. They come to the mentor speaking of blockages, issues with opening the third eye, or other such things. Yet they have not mastered this more basic meditation and as such they may be failing to sense energy they can already feel. … Continue readingAwareness Meditation

Mystical Training Wheels

If you’ve been paying attention to the bulk of material on mysticism that is floating around the internet at this site and various others you’ll quickly begin to see certain patterns. Key words like focus, will, and energy come up in any writing done within these areas. There is of course a reason for this and that is simply put all techniques share this in common. What most mystics won’t tell you is the dirty little secrete of mysticism. This secrete has been around since the beginning and continues to manifest its self in almost all areas of representation. The secrete of course is that any material we provide you is nothing more than training wheels. … Continue readingMystical Training Wheels

The Eternal Selves

For the Norse the self is divided into the Hamr, Hugr, Fylgja, and Hamingja. The Hamr is the form or appearance. Easily remembered because it is the most physical and what we would call like a hammer. The Hugr is thought or mind, and in that is more to do with personality or what we would call the inner self. The Fylgja is the animal self, or spirit animal self, in some ways and may act as a kind of familiar in essence though perhaps more spiritual than physical. The Hamingja is our luck, or power within the Wyrrd. In a real sense the Norse didn’t believe in a soul in the way we do. The first thing that comes to my mind when we speak of the Body, Mind, and Soul connection in western mysticism is how these concepts are used to represent two things that we understand innately but not completely. … Continue readingThe Eternal Selves