Axiom Hall

Axiom Hall is the heart of our Organization’s Academy and learning center.  This is where you will find all of our documents and media related to the Order of the Knights of Awakening.

Welcome!  I am Owner and Founder of the Knights of Awakening, Justin “Bane” Gates. I want to thank you for your time and investment in our Academy and online Home.

Our aim is begin to establish the official ideology of the Knights of Awakening as an Order and a place to learn and grow with. The best place to start is with a strong and lasting foundation in which to build upon. It is a starting point for the Order of the Knights of Awakening to share our Philosophy, Practice, and Path with you and the larger world for those brave enough to explore. 

What you will find going forward is the exploration of the ideal of the “Knight”. The ideal that you can embark on your own Quest, to incorporate the ideal of the Hero into your life. What you will also find here, is people just like you who are on a quest and the pursuit of betterment of the self, to strengthen and empower the best parts, so that we can collectively serve the world to the very best of our abilities.

This place is for anyone who is ready to build their character and walk a path of betterment. Even if you don’t aspire to become a “Knight”, you will still find a great resource here. If you find yourself saying; “Wait! I don’t want to be a “Knight” or follow some code or whatever!” That’s OK, because this place is still for you too! If you are looking to find strength from within, we can help with that!

What are you waiting for, let’s go! Together we can Awaken the Knight Within!

​Justin Gates

Founder of the Knights of Awakening

Looking Within: A Course on Meditation

​This course is required for Knighthood. In this course we will explore and practice Meditation. We will learn and discuss what meditation is, where does it come from, why is it practiced, and most importantly how to practice. This course contains and requires you to participate in practical exercises and to fill out and share journal work with your instructor(s) if you are completing Knighthood studies. This course is roughly 8 weeks long from start to completion and we encourage you to work through this course as it is written and intended. This course is written and intended for ALL level students.​ … Continue readingLooking Within: A Course on Meditation


This is the cyberspace Home of the Knights of Awakening!  For years, the KOA has been providing countless hours of conversation, learning, and entertainment on multiple media platforms.  Starting out as a single radio show, the KOA has grown to encompass a larger multimedia footprint in the world! … Continue readingHome

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