We are the Knights of Awakening!

For over 12 years now (as of the year 2021), the Knights of Awakening have been pushing the limits of exploration of the inner and outer worlds of philosophy, metaphysics, religion, Magick, and much more. For years, the KOA has provided countless hours of conversation, learning, and entertainment on multiple media platforms.  Starting as a single radio show, the KOA has grown to encompass an extensive world perspective. We are a group of Mental and Spiritual explorers that share a foundational set of beliefs which include 11 “Knightly Agreements”: Responsibility, Respect, Family, Grace, Courage, Faith, Hope, Mercy, Justice, Generosity, and Nobility. “Awaken the Knight Within!” is more than just a tagline here. This environment is what you will find at the Knights of Awakening, a commitment to the pursuit of Service, Betterment, and Enlightenment. … Continue readingWe are the Knights of Awakening!