Knights of Awakening Community Guidelines


Important Notice(s):

Knights of Awakening content and material are protected under U.S., and international trademark and copyright laws. You may not reproduce, transfer, transmit, display or publish any material written and/or created by Knights of Awakening Staff and/or its members in whole or in part without the expressed permission of the site owner, Knights of Awakening Administration or its Legal Representatives.

Community Guidelines establish expectations for member behavior and conduct. When needed, these rules can and will change at the sole discretion of the Knights of Awakening Administration. The KOA strives to cultivate a mature and respectful atmosphere for all of its members. The interpretation and application of these rules, final judgment and punishment rests solely with KOA Administration.

Knights of Awakening community guidelines apply to all pages owned and operated by the Knights of Awakening, including the Academy.  The community page(s)/group(s) is for the intended use by its approved members for discussion, respectful debate, sharing, learning, and teaching.

The page(s) is administered and owned by the Knights of Awakening for the promotion of our related brands, media, products, services, and communicating to our Community members, viewers, and listeners.

Our community is not for discussing topics such as sex, drugs, lewd or violent acts or situations, and the like. Admins reserve the right to edit or delete any content found on our page(s) and ban any offenders to the rules without warning. By using these pages you are accepting and agree to follow these rules. If you have any questions about any of these rules, please contact an admin.


While we continue to value all of our community members, participation in the group and engaging with staff and like-minded community members is a privilege, and not a right. Members may continue to discuss and critique our beliefs and administrative choices in a civil manner, but any form of discussion targeted at an individual will not be tolerated. New and existing members who cannot adhere to the code of conduct, or maintain a civil demeanor at all times, are encouraged instead to contact the admin directly about any issues they may have.

Blatant or implied abuse towards other members will not be tolerated. Content that is intended to insult, defame, harm, or otherwise cause distress to anyone solely based on gender, lifestyle, religion, political affiliation, ethnic group, race etc. is unacceptable and will be deleted without warning and the offender may be banned without warning.

Sharing and/or promoting material that comes from Terrorists Organizations, Supremacists groups (of any kind), any group that promotes anarchy, terror, hate, or any other kind of behavior that is deemed by this page to be prohibited will result in the post being removed and the user facing removal from the Group.

SPAM; it is preferred members offer their personal and original thoughts, rather than posting single images or animated .gifs/images instead of engaging in discussion. This is a discussion group and that means engaging in dialog, not picture spam. Using images and or videos to support your discussion is fine as long as the media used conforms to the standard page rules (no adult content, no slander, no racism, etc.).  Memes are allowed no more than 3 per day per person (if they do not contain additional conversation elements.)  Pictures/memes/videos with discussion elements are allowed as often as you wish to post them.

There is no place for fighting and flaming others on this page.  Disagreeing with other Community members is acceptable and understood, but actively fighting and/or flaming will not be tolerated. 

DO NOT engage a person or persons who are fighting. Contact an Admin and let them handle the issue. What is considered fighting or flaming is at the discretion of the Admin(s). A person or persons found to fight with or flame others may be banned from this group at the discretion of admins.

Respect admin warnings or instructions. If you are instructed by them to modify your language, behavior or actions on the group, you must heed the instructions. A person or persons found or judged to be ignoring these instructions may be banned from this group at the discretion of admins. 

Blocking or Banning an Admin of any of our pages for example; on your personal FB page is your choice and prerogative. This will block them from your personal page, but not on the group page. If you decide that is what you want to do, then by using this page you also agree that an Admin that you have personally blocked or banned from your personal account, has the right to address you in public on this page for any matters related to the page’s business, to include any warnings or any other communication that would have normally taken place in private out of the view of the public.

If mediation is needed for any reason on this page, contact an Admin for help. If you need help with a problem pertaining to an Admin, contact Justin Gates (Owner/Founder). If you have been banned, you can request a review of the circumstances. This review will take place with the Admins discussing the issues and making a recommendation to Justin Gates or an agent appointed in his absence. (In most cases these types of issues would be settled with a majority of the Admins voting on an outcome).

Fundraising/Charities/Advertising requires ADMIN approval. Contact an Admin if you seek to do any of these on this page.

Being banned under one account means banned on all accounts. If we catch you attempting to rejoin the page under a different name, the ban sticks, and the new page user also be removed.

From time to time, we go through and “clean up” the pages.  Typically the posts that are wiped are those that are missing links (this happens a lot on FB where links were removed from an original post), Spam, old or irrelevant posts that have expired or had no significant discussion value.  We will always do our best to try and give some warning before we do this.

These rules apply to all, including Admins.  The Knights of Awakening reserve the right to change and/or alter these guidelines at any time, for any reason, without consent.  For questions contact an Admin.

The philosophical and spiritual nature of our on-line community content attracts like-minded members from various religious and faith-based disciplines for discussion and exploration such as those from the on and off-line Jedi communities.

Using any trademarked and/or copyrighted image, character or subjected matter that does not belong to you infringes on the rights of the author and/or creator and violates copyright and trademark laws.

The Knights of Awakening will not tolerate:

1. Hate speech, harassing and/or threatening behavior toward other members.

2. Profanity, the over use of slang and net-speak such as OMG, LMFAO, LOL, BRB etc.  Please use your words and type out your thoughts. 

3. Hot linking – The theft of bandwidth or “hot-linking” is direct linking to a web site’s files, images, video, etc.  Flaming – A hostile and insulting interaction between forum users. Trolling – One who willfully, through obscene, offensive or hateful action, attempts to disrupt an on line community to get a reaction, attention and/or to create controversy.  Spamming – The abuse of electronic messaging by sending unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.  Phishing – The criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as user-names, passwords and financial details by masquerading as a trustworthy party. Hacking – One who electronically and illegally circumvents computer security systems, corrupts software and alters coding.

4. The saying and spreading of hurtful and inappropriate things about other members pertaining to race, sexual orientation, sex, religion, mental and/or physical health or the ancestry of others.

5. The transmitting and/or distribution of harmful content that is abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit and defamatory or subject matter that infringes and/or violates the personal privacy of others.

6. Direct or indirect member to member buying, selling and/or auction based transactions or exchange of any money whatsoever.

7. Any promotion and/or execution of illegal activity. This includes hacking and distribution of counterfeit software. The Knights of Awakening Administration will report all illegal activity to the proper authorities.

8. Providing false information or intentionally hiding information when registering for your Knights of Awakening account(s).

9. Uploading copyrighted content that you do not own the rights to without the expressed written permission of the content’s author, creator or copyright holder.

10. The transferring of accounts between members. Registered users are responsible for all happenings pertaining to their accounts, chat and/or private messaging systems.  If you discover that your computer and/or account has been compromised, notify KOA Administration immediately and we will take prompt action to secure or disable your account(s).

11. Reposting of copyrighted press material in its entirety from sources who explicitly state not to do so.  In such cases simply providing a short selection of the news articles, sourced (if possible) and the link to the article in full is fine. Some web sites and news sources allow articles in full to be reposted provided you properly source and credit the article source and author. We strongly recommend you err on the side of caution and check before you repost said material.

12. Cyberbullying, which involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm others.

If there are other circumstances or items that we have neglected and you think we should consider adding them to the guidelines, please contact an administrator.

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