A Knight is Loyal to their ideals and is loyal to doing what is Right and Just, devoted to their betterment and those around them. You have to understand that loyalty and devotion are virtues and must be used with temperament as in all things. Loyalty and devotion are critical motivators for people like you and me who journey this path in our lives. We feel a solid connection to our ideals, our beliefs, and the people in our lives. Loyalty is a strong word and invokes strong feelings for most of us; it certainly does for me. … Continue readingFamily

The Order of Ashla Knights

The Order of Ashla Knights has been around since early 2002. They first began as a “ProBoards” (an early discussion board hosting platform) community until moving to their website/community in 2003. They emerged as one of the most popular, well-established “traditional” Jedi Way training sites on the web in a short time. It took time to fully train an Ashla Knight and even more time to anoint new Masters of the Order.  Ashla Knights have several fully trained Knights, a few of whom became full and active Masters, two of which, like the Jedi of lore, remain busy to keep the Jedi Order of Ashla Knights flame lit for a future revival. I happen to be one of those. … Continue readingThe Order of Ashla Knights

A Knight in the Force…

In the last few months of the year 1999, I watched the movie “The Phantom Menace” and found myself impressed and inspired by some of the more profound ideas at play in the movie’s background. This newfound interest led me to watch the older Star Wars movies a little closer (episodes 4-6), play any of the games I could get my hands on and search out books and comics related to Star Wars. … Continue readingA Knight in the Force…

A healthy body helps with a happy life

Often, the most challenging part of getting into shape is taking the first step. Here are some simple steps to help you begin.  Keep in mind, to make physical improvements; you need to work your body harder than usual. As your body becomes more conditioned, you need to increase your workouts’ frequency, intensity, or time to continue improving your fitness level.  For beginners, consider starting with 2-3 sessions per week. … Continue readingA healthy body helps with a happy life


We have to try and take a non-judgmental approach to others and their situations. I know that it can be very difficult to look at something or someone without our preconceived judgments about them. It seems to be in our very nature to do this almost immediately. But like many things, we only approach others in this manner because we are conditioned to. You don’t have to hate someone or make them your enemy because of what they believe. It is a choice after all. For respect to be shown, we must acknowledge the differences that we share just as much as the similarities but use those things we share in common as a path to understanding. … Continue readingRespect


Someone who takes on the mantle of Knight is held to a higher standard of behavior and conduct, a higher standard of right action, a strong sense of self-discipline; a higher standard of just about everything really. After all, not only will you be judged on just about everything you do but all others who are associated with you will be judged along with you. We are held to a higher standard first from within and reveal itself in everything we do…..every day. When you take on this task, to do better and to be better, it makes life more challenging yet far more rewarding in the end. … Continue readingResponsibility


Although, in many ways, we walk our paths alone in solitude, meeting and intersecting at times. In my personal opinion, those who walk similar paths are enriched by communion with their fellows.  Checking in and testing your ideas and thoughts against others (like-minded or not) will only help you grow within your path and help them progress as well. … Continue readingCommunion

The Knightly Agreements

A house is only as strong as its foundation. A temple built on sand will tilt and sink in time. Here, we will briefly discuss the foundational principles of the Knights of Awakening and the impact and importance they have in our lives. I know that these may be tough for anyone to incorporate into their lives. I have set the bar high for a reason; I strive to better myself every day. To be better than yesterday is the best I can do. You can do the same. I promise if you put forth the effort and agree to make this critical, it will happen. It will open up your life in ways you never imagined. … Continue readingThe Knightly Agreements

Knights of Awakening Podcast: Ep3 Parts 1 &2 “Our Founding Documents”

We are the Knights of Awakening!

Charles and Justin explore and explain the KOA founding documents. In part 1, we have a conversation around the KOA Mission Statement. In part 2, we have a conversation around our Organizational Goals and the Oath of Knighthood. Don’t miss this episode!

Check it out on our show page, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts! … Continue readingKnights of Awakening Podcast: Ep3 Parts 1 &2 “Our Founding Documents”